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Mark 3 years ago
Ben had his moment in the porn sun and this is just about his best ever vid! Penny is gorgeous, and genuinely shy, which is a real turn-on! But of course for those of us who like a nice slim bod, pert tits and a fabulously hairy pussy, it doesn't get much better than this!!
Travisf 3 years ago
Does Penny have any more videos? She is gorgeous.
2 years ago
This is one of my most wanked to videos ever. 'Penny' is absoloutly stunning, so pretty, and that hairy minge wow! Pascal is a lucky man. Right, I can feel another wank coming on!
Witemrude 2 years ago
This is my definition of a turn-on. This girl is so deliciously shy and yet taking real pleasure afterward. And this gorgeous, magnificent pussy... I have no words. If only hairy pussies like this would be trending again. I can't stand bald pussies anymore, it's all over the place, it ruins everything.
Trisquare 2 years ago
Revisiting this angel again. It was my wank fantasies come true. The hots started to take hold as soon as she entered the scene. There's a delicious long build up as her clothes slowly come off but it's worth holding on to your spunk as you know you're in for a treat. You finally get to see that delicious body and by this time I was in a fever. That little honey finally made my twitching cock launch it's seed. The hots got to take over as I could no longer stop my spunk spurting out. What a cum.
Kiszony 1 year ago
Who tf disliked this? This is one of the hotest videos i've seen.
1 year ago
I used to sneak into my dads porn collection to watch this on VCR when I was growing up. The lengths I went to, to watch porn. Who remembers finding dirty magazines in bushes and skips? Those were the days the internet has made it too easy!
raffles100s 2 years ago
glory days of porn, this is one of the first decent porn shoots i saw back in the 90's lovely essex girl who discovers she like being extremely dirty

cracking hairy cunt!

love the way she keeps her trainers and socks on during the fuck onslaught on her twat
Adam 1 year ago
She is so fucking gorgeous. Had this on VHS as a teenager. Good times.
2 years ago
Can I pummel too?